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Peterborough, Ontario
Canada K9J 2J4
tel (705) 292-9071
fax (705) 292-1076


Fuel Management Systems

Online Modem / Phone Support

Multi-user Multi-tasking System

Documentation & Onsite Training


Batch Posting
Auto, Calendar, Phone Schedules
Reprint One, or Multiple Tickets

Multiple Units with History
Batch Post Plan Renewals
Attach Office, Service, User Notes


Payment Option at Posting
Attach Office, Service, User Notes

Weekly Statements
Auto Month-end Statements
Manual Statements by Date

Integration to Automated Metering Systems

Batch Post to Inventory & Customer A/R

Customized Invoice Forms

Customer Purchase Summaries


Interface to Midcom and LCC
Maintain Truck Inventory
Daily Truck Reconciliation
Truck Metering in Batch
Driver Reporting

Interface to Cardlock Systems
Including Gasboy and Petrovend
Maintain Customer Card Records
Edit and Review Invoices Prior to Posting

On-Screen Display of Inventory

Multiple Storage Locations

Mass Inventory Adjustments

Track and Report Rebrands

Purchase Orders and Product Receipt


Maintain Package Product Inventory
Min/Max On Hand provides Suggested Re-Order Report
Maintain and Track Assets
Automatic Inventory Adjustment at Posting





Maintain Bulk Inventory
Record Physical Dips
Record Meter Readings
Multiple Reports
Auto Inventory Adjustment at Posting